Just a couple of random thoughts…

1.  It’s my birthday on Saturday!!  Apparently I’ve been keeping this too quiet… but I have actually sneakily even got a page up called STUFF that lists all the things I want.  I know… completely selfish and presumptious 🙂

2.  Really, really loving the Macbook Pro I’m trying out.  Really really wish I had the money to buy one.  I know that would be an excessively expensive exercise though because it would mean that I would HAVE to also get an iPhone and an iPad (cos I played with one today too and it’s freaking awesome!)

3.  Have decided that after looking at the photos I posted with Connor leading Kitara on a lead that we must look so funny at the park, no wonder some people are giving us a wide berth!  At times I feel like I’m herding cats.

4.  I’m really really sad that I’ve had to turn down a photowalk in the Gautrain tunnel because of the amount of work I have at the moment.  It’s a once in a lifetime thing… but hey… I have to earn a living!

5.  I hate that my skin gets so dry in winter.  And my hands are starting to look old.  I don’t like that!

6.  I felt like I was in a time warp today.  My hairdresser has moved to another salon.  Woah, it was ultra different to the places I normally go to.  The one hairdresser next to me was actually knitting a scarf while she waited for a client! The certificates on the wall (who even shows those anymore) were dated 1982!   On the bright side though, I got the same haircut, still funky, and it was cheap!  You think it would be rude if I took my camera along next time? I can imagine the photos I’d be able to take there!

7.  Really trying to cut down on the number of exclamation marks I use!