On Wednesday evening I got a very odd phone call.  It was from Joey, who owns Ultimate Functions, to tell me that someone had used her photos on their website, and she’d noticed that one of my photos was there too.

After looking at the Perfect Kids Party site later, I saw that she was right.  A photo of a cake, that I’d taken at a party last year, was on this website’s cake-gallery.  But this “woman” didn’t just download my photo, all she’d done was display a photo from Google images and she’s linked directly to my website.  This means that anyone who clicked onto the photo, would come to my blog.

It’s not just that she stole the photo, that makes me as mad as hell, it’s that she’s implying that she made the cake.  She’s selling a skill that she doesn’t necessarily have.  It’s fraud!

Anyhoo, after checking out all the other photos on the site, I realised that it wasn’t just me. She’d also used photos of events done by Monkey Magic and she’d used cakes from overseas cake companies and blogs too.

So, on Thursday morning, I decided to phone her.  And she put the phone down in my ear when she heard what it was about!! Man, there’s nothing that makes me more livid!  She didn’t even listen to me, and thought I was Joey on the phone… she told me she’d removed that photo and slammed the phone down!


Then I got angry.  If she was just ignorant about photo usage, surely she would have removed all the images that she’d stolen after she’d received the first phone call!!

So, I’ve now contacted every single other company that she’s stolen images from too.  Monkey Magic quickly changed their image, so that there’s a massive STOLEN written across their image; but because of the way she’d linked to mine and Google has cached it, I haven’t been able to do the same.  I’ve also contacted Jozikids, where she is listed, because it seems she used some of their other images too; as well as Party Craze an Australian cake website, the Baking Shop, and Wonderful Wortel World

I’ve got a letter that’s ready and prepared to send to her ISP, but have decided to wait until tomorrow before sending it.  And that’s only because I spoke to her again on Friday night and she told me that after speaking to Merle from Jozikids that she agreed to remove them all, but she hasn’t got internet access until Monday.

She has until 8am tomorrow morning, or else her ISP will definitely know about it!!

How STUPID can one person be?! She’s destroyed the reputation of her fledgling business completely.

From looking at her Perfect Kids Party site, there’s no way to tell now which parties she’s actually done.  Maybe every single one of the photos is fraudulent, and she just got lazy when putting the page together and started linking sites instead of downloading photos.  I sure wouldn’t believe another word that came out of that woman’s mouth!