It’s the morning of the World Cup, and last night I watched the opening concert broadcast from Orlando Stadium at home in front of the fire with Lance. The boys stayed up to watch a bit of it, but it’s a massive pity they didn’t get to see the big songs like the flag song… I was actually crying at many parts of the concert…

I can’t remember when last I’ve felt so proud to be a South African. It was awesome sitting there watching the tweets about #wc2010 and chatting on FB and Twitter with friends at the concert and in their living rooms around the world all experiencing the same thing as us.

Oh and that speech by the Arch was phenomenal! Mike Stopforth described him so perfectly on Twitter “Archbishop Tutu is a precious little black Yoda”

This morning Connor even got into the spirit. As he woke up the first thing he said was “It’s the World Cup!”.

I feel it… it is HERE!!