On Saturday at the wedding, Cybersass mentioned that she thought Connor was so sweet.  LOL, I think she’s been reading my photo blog only 😉

Yesterday was case in point.

I heard a small noise in my bathroom, and went to investigate because it didn’t sound like he was on the loo like he’d promised.

I found him crouched behind the toilet.

In his hand was a bottle of tissue salts, with a few emptied on the floor and he was shovelling them into his mouth.  The bottle was empty on further investigation.

After a little discussion, he insisted that he only ate one, but he’d hidden the bottle there on Sunday and had had some the day before too.

Hectic!! It was tissue salts for nervousness and anxiety… I’d taken them when my hair was falling out in chunks in an attempt to reduce stress levels. My oath!! Thankfully, they’re not that dangerous for him to eat.

What he did actually scares me.   He’s hiding like this more and more often now.  He knows what is wrong, but he insists on going ahead with his little plans… but behind walls and around corners (and our house has a lot of those).

He really worries me.