I took the day off today to take photos of Angel’s final dress fitting in anticipation for her wedding this Saturday.  Because Connor is yet again sick (after only 4 days back at school 🙁 ) he tagged along with me while I shopped up a storm.

So on the way to Clearwater, he pipes up “How do mommies and daddies get babies in their tummies?”

OMG seriously!! He’s 3 for crying out aloud!! I’m not ready for that question!!

**silence** **because he floored me with that one**

“Do they buy them in the shops?”

Oooh I was tempted, very tempted.

So in the end I said “The baby grows in the mommy’s tummy when the mommy and daddy love each other lots and lots”

And then he replies “Do you love daddy a lot?”

Oh boy “Yes I do”

I knew this reply was coming “So where’s the baby in your tummy?”

Glad he soon lost his trail of thought once I told him that he was my baby and I’m not having anymore because I’m too old 🙂