Apart from photoshoots, and meeting Angel at the venue for her wedding next week and my dad’s 60th birthday today, I actually did do something about the house for a change this weekend… we bought a new bed.

We’ve been threatening to get a new one for the last 2 years… seriously 2 years… we’re sad that way.  Every time I’ve given it some thought, there have been more important things to buy with the ludicrous amount of money that bed cost.

In fact, until yesterday, I must’ve been living in lala land about the cost of beds!

Anyhoo, yesterday morning, I threw all my toys out the cot when I got squished in bed yet again by the small “monster” aka Connor… and decided that we needed a King sized bed… today… another day was not going to go past without something happening.

So off we toodled, and bought the bed, which is being delivered tomorrow.

And that resulted me (with Bradley in tow) in traipsing through Cresta, World Wear centre, Lifestyle Crossing and Retail Crossing centres looking for duvets, linen and blankets for our new bed (because our old bed is queen sized).  And that was all done between 9:30am and 11am this morning. Poor kid was exhausted 🙂

OMW, what crud in the shops!! My first port of call was Woolies – NOTHING interesting (apart from the duvet inner which I bought there because they were better quality and cheaper than @Home).  @Home actually had beautiful grey embroidered duvet covers by Margaret Muir (and I had a 20% off voucher from a magazine that I’d bought)… but no sheets… so that was USELESS!

Eventually after going to 3 Mr Price Homes, 1 Woolies, and 2 @Home stores I bought one set of Time and Again plain duvet covers from Mr Price Home… so now I’m on the hunt for another set.

As for blankets and electric blankets… that was a fruitless search… I couldn’t find any.

At least I have some linen for when the bed arrives tomorrow.