I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere along the line that I don’t recycle much around my house, but I do recycle paper.

Now I’m a lazy  person, and it’s all about convenience for me.  Truely the only reason I recycle the paper is because it’s so damn easy.  Once a week, the Mondi guy comes around the area and collects his Ronnie paper pick-up bags, and he leaves refill bags for the coming week.  Every household in the area gets one back for his purpose.

So, then last week, I got a mail from the community news people saying that the recycling service is being extended. So now, they’ll also collect tin, plastic and glass. The instructions were to leave a bag filled with the new type of a waste on the kerb, and they would leave a seperate bag for it.

So I duly did that.

It seemed like a perfectly brilliant idea.  No hassle.  Easy.

Except there’s one BIG flaw in this plan.  The orange paper pickup bag that works perfectly well, is useless for other waste for a number of reasons:

  1. Until you start recycling properly you actually have no idea how much of the stuff you collect in one week, and one bag is simply too small.
  2. The instructions say to rinse your waste before putting it in the bin.  All very well and good, except it’s still smelly.  Paper doesn’t smell.  Other waste… well… it smells!
  3. I have huskies… the smelly tins and empty milk containers are just so very tempting. No matter where I put the bag, the dogs smell it out.

So, there’s goes my recycling initiative for the moment… I don’t have time to phaff around with this stuff.  I need a proper bin… not a silly bag!