I’ve been feeling like going on a shopping spree for a few days now… and haven’t managed to leave the office.  In fact, yesterday, the feeling was so bad that I contemplated buying a new car!!

LOL, I have to also tell you that after I tweeted about it, Williams Hunt responded asking whether they could help me.  How cool is that! I like that they’re watching… even though I don’t like Opels 🙂

Today, I was determined.  I had to get out the office for a bit!!And OMG I spent way too much again!  The aim of my shopping trip was to buy a gift for a friend and a jersey for Lance… I got them… but in that hour I also got…

  • 2 dresses from Big Blue
  • underwear from La Senza (it’s on my Stuff list ok!)
  • 3 jerseys and a shirt for Lance at Woolies
  • If I’d had some time I would have bought some boots from Woolies too!

Not bad for one hour hey?