You know the bed I blogged about over the weekend?

My oath it’s a large bed! Connor can barely climb onto it because it’s so high.

The king size duvet is dwarfed by the bed.  WTF now?  Can you get extra width duvets?  That’s gonna cost a fortune I’m sure.

But I must say… the sheets from that Time and Again collection from Mr Price are divine… 400 thread count and OMG so soft 🙂

Right… I’m off to do the big test… the comfort test… I’m exhausted and need to sleep

I have the day off work tomorrow… and I’m going to hopefully find more linen… and have coffee with my mom… before a photoshoot 🙂

**update** the bed was awesome 🙂 and the duvet size wasn’t a problem because the bed is so wide 🙂