The plan was to have an easy day working at home… reality was slightly different.

5:40am – get out of bed to make Bradley’s school lunch and tea.  Keep dogs from coming inside so that Kitara didn’t eat anything (she was Nil per mouth this morning)

6am – wake Bradley up and convince him to get dressed.  Connor wakes up and wants milk.

6:15am -Lance leaves the house and I have tea, and get the FTP’ing started for the wedding photos that were due.

6:30am – check on kids eating breakfast and check on FTP, before having shower.

7am – leave the house with boys and Kitara (while listening to Kimo howling because he’s left behind)

7:45am – get back home after dropping Kitara at the vet (she got neutered today), then Bradley at school, and prying Conno from my leg when I dropped him at school.  Check on FTP

8am – have breakfast, and set up work laptop in diningroom.  Check on FTP which is now having a problem (there were over 1000 photos to transfer). Check photo email and Facebook and Twitter for goings on.  Get hold of my mom to let her know not to pick kids up from school

9am – FTP finishes and send email re wedding to bride.  Answer 2 requests for quotes. Fiddle around with router settings for the wireless connections for the work laptop.

9:15am – have coffee and start working… my day job work… with Kimo lying at my feet.  Have a few Skype conversations with the office

12:30pm – drama at work… have to try resolve by email and Skype before leaving to pick Bradley up.  No time for lunch now.

12:50pm – leave for Bradley’s school with Kimo howling in the garden for his sister.

1:15pm – get home with Bradley.  Get him to change.  Try work a little more.

1:50pm – go to pick Connor up from school.  Take the kids to Wimpy for burgers.

2:30pm – leave Wimpy… go to Lifestyle.

2:45pm – Manage to squeeze in a eyebrow wax at Body Therapy.  Go to Chop-It to see if kids can have haircuts.  End up with 30 minutes to spare so kids play in playground, wander around the nursery and visit the pet shop for dog treats before their appointment at 3:15pm.  All the time watching Twitter and replying to emails and replying to work tweets.

4:10pm – get home again.  Kimo howling again. Check work email and see that I got an email which means that I have to redo all the work I’d done in the morning.  Also discover that I’m working late tomorrow night.  Lose my sense of humour completely.

4:30pm – Decide to take him for a quick walk around the block with the kids.

5pm – Leave the house with the kids again to pick up Kitara from the vet.

5:30pm – get home with dog.  Kimo stops howling.  Get shopping bags (I use the reusable bags) and leave the house again, after fighting with kids cos now they’re tired and want to stay at home.

5:45pm – shopping at Woolies for supper for 3 nights.  Kids performing.  Cashiers just smile.

6:15pm – get home.  Bradley starts his homework.  Lance starts supper, while I feed the dogs, and try and keep Connor out of mischief.  It doesn’t work… he uses the eraser and rubs out all of Bradley’s homework and then gets timeout.  After which Bradley reads Connor his reading book… as part of his homework.

7:15pm – Kids get bathed.

8pm – Kids having milk and milo and I try and redo finish my work.  Kids then go to sleep

9:30pm – I can finally get back to my photo stuff and blogging and have some coffee and reply to photo emails… and blog.

10:50pm – the time right now.

I’m tired… and you?