You’re probably wondering how the huskies  are doing… even if you’re not, I’m going to tell you anyway 😉

Kimo and Kitara are now 7 months old.  In the last week they have

1.  Destroyed Connor’s new flip flops… into teeny tiny little pieces all over my garden

2.  Chewed all my rose bushes… the old woody ones first.  I have one left that I’m hoping will actually survive long enough to flower.

3.  Tried to dig up a palm tree

4.  Tried to dig up a new Silver Birch tree that I planted on Saturday, and when that didn’t work, gnawed at the bark… in the middle of the damn tree!! Not sure whether it’s going to survive that.

5.  Chewed a few more socks.

6.  Jumped up and scratched my car door… again.

7.  And the piece de resistance… just this moment, they are both outside hiding under the kids slide… eating a bird that one of them caught.

Yes, they’re doing just dandy!!

And I was worried when Kimo didn’t eat food yesterday.. hah… they’ve been feasting on birds!!