OMW!! Just had the fright of our lives. The kids are completely shaken and so are the dogs.

I took the dogs for a walk around the neighbourhood this evening with the kids. We went for quite a long walk, and as we got to our neighbours house, I noticed that one of their 3 rottweilers were outside the gate.

He was standing right at the gate and looked quite scared. So I held the dogs back, and asked Bradley to walk very slowly and press their gate bell to try and get them to let the dog inside.

When he got back to me, I held the dogs tight on the other side of me and we went very close to the road to get past her.

I should have taken both kids and dogs across the road at that time, but the traffic was quite hectic. I blame myself completely for what happened next.

As we walked past him, he just let rip. He ran at the dogs and got hold of Kitara by the throat and wrestled her to the ground.  She was literally being shaken around like a ragdoll.

The kids started screaming and hugging each other and pulling on my shirt.

I let go of her so I could get the kids. Kimo then jumped on top of the rottweiller and grabbed his neck and Kitara managed to get away and she ran into the road. Thank God there weren’t any cars. I pulled Kimo away, and dragged him and the kids into the road to get her, and we went to the other side of the road.

My neighbour then opened the gate and another one of the rottweilers then came out. Hectic!! But thankfully both of them stayed on the driveway. My kids were now hysterical, and the dogs shaking.

Once the neighbours let the dogs inside, Lance arrived home and I took the kids and dogs home.

Both kids took quite a while to calm down. Connor eventually told me that he thought he was going to get attacked :((

Kitara is fine. The dog’s teeth didn’t even pierce her skin amazingly.

Kimo is fine but very shaken. My hero :)) I was very proud of him for protecting us.

I really think though, that the dog was scared and was just trying to defend his territory. I should have known better than to try and get the dog inside his property.

I hope that the kids don’t have nightmares tonight 🙁

Just have to add that thinking about it now, my neighbours are chicken! The dude across the road actually went into his garden and watched the commotion from behind his fence. And an awesome black dude that was running on the road ran back down the road to try and help me when we got to the other side of the road!! Thanks to that mystery man for asking me whether we were ok!
No thanks go to my neighbours!

I’m going now to crack open a bottle of wine!