Sometimes working at events amazes me.  People just don’t think about the people they hire.  Now I can semi-understand it, they’re busy organising and managing the function, it’s a busy time… but have some common sense when it comes to the people you hire to put the event together.

I took photos at a family party/event a few months ago, and even though it’s stipulated in my contract that I need a seat and a meal, neither were organised for me or the band that night.  So we took over the lounge area next to the food.  That was the only place we could sit, and we had to scrounge around for utensils to eat with, and eventually ate dinner with teaspoons from the coffee station.

At least we actually had somewhere to sit and eat!!

The function I worked at tonight was a standing cocktail event.  So I didn’t expect a chair, and didn’t need one.  I got offered drinks and helped myself to food.  It’s part of my contract for a reason now. I can’t operate unless I’ve eaten and had at least water to drink… I start shaking after about 2 hours, and need sugar of some sort, so if you want good photos, you give me food 😉

But the purpose of my blog post tonight, was the disturbing story that one of the hostesses told me.

This event had a few hostesses in little black dresses and very high heels, who were walking around and had to get the photos taken with the guests.  All very male like.  Anyhoo, after a few hours, while I was tucking into a crostini, I asked the one girl if she wanted something to eat.  I saw her staring longingly at my food.

She said no, they weren’t allowed to eat normally.

She then told me that she’d nearly got fired from a previous promotional job because she’d eaten something and had something to drink.

They were petrified to get food, unless the coordinator said they could, and the function was 5 hours long without a break!!

In the end, I just went to the coordinator and asked on their behalf… sometimes the mom in me just takes over and I have to do something.  The one girl had already blacked out earlier on, and those kids (yes they looked that young) looked like they needed food.  It wasn’t actually a problem in this case, and the coordinator looked a little shocked that I’d even asked 🙂 They just couldn’t eat in front of the guests, which was fair enough, but at least they could eat.

But it got me thinking.  How can you possibly hire someone to work for you for a long event… and not expect them to take a break or have something to eat?!! It’s just insane!! It’s not fair, really not fair.