This conversation happened this morning, while we were having tea in bed.

Connor: “Next time when I’m a dad, I’m going to marry you mommy.  And daddy is going to marry you.”

He says “next time” when he refers to time going foward, he hasn’t got the notion of a few years or tomorrow yet.

Me:  “Aww that’s lovely my boy, that makes me happy”


Connor:  “And Bradley… ummm… Mommy, can boys get married to boys?”

Oh wow, wasn’t sure whether to tell the truth, because a lie would just have been so much easier.

Me:  “Yes, in South Africa, boys can marry boys”

Connor looked a little shocked at that, before he asked why.  I then explained that sometimes boys don’t like girls, and only like boys.

And there was a little more silence while he digested this.

Connor: “I don’t like boys that much.  I think I’ll marry Jade.”