Bradley was very upset the other day, and after a bit of probing, he just started crying that the other kids wouldn’t play with him.

Anyhoo, turned out that the other kids tease him because he plays with the girls sometimes, when the boys don’t want him to play with them.  They don’t want him to play with them because he seems to play soccer better than one of the other boys, and he seems to be the ringleader.

He then also added, that he doesn’t have Gogo Crazy Bones, so he can’t play with them.


After I asked him why he didn’t tell me that was a craze, he said that he’d just thought I wouldn’t buy it for him because I’ve drummed it into his head, that he’s not allowed to take toys to school.


So I went to buy some Gogos today.

Thing is, I would have bought them if he’d told me.  I remember the crazes at school, and how you HAD to have the same thing, or else you were shunned. I remember the issues with marbles and skipping ropes and elastics and card swapping and writing paper swapping… and this is definitely the beginning.

I started thinking about whether I was bugged about this or not.  And I realise I’m not.

Peer pressure at his age, or even Connor’s age makes me a little uncomfortable, just a little.

I don’t like the bullying part of it… like the one dude is clearly doing… and Bradley is unable to see that this child is just being mean to him when his own friendship with a common friend is threatened.

But I get it.

Even though it’s hard to me to watch him go through this, and harder for me to explain how he needs to deal with it, I do think he needs to go through it.

It’s preperation for the rest of his life.

It kills me to even think that… but bullies and peer pressure happens right throughout life.  Whomever thinks it’s restricted to schools is smoking something.  Unless we equip our kids to deal with it, they’re going to have a really rough time later on.

So, no matter how hard it is for me to handle, I must try and help him deal with it.

Being a parent is not easy.  It makes you question everything.  The system.  The environment.  And your own history.