I’m irritable this evening, oh so irritable… because…

1.  My garden looks shocking and I can’t even water it, because

2.  The dogs chewed all the sprinkler attachments we have, and

3.  They’ve trampled all the plants, and

4.  Now that they’ve destroyed my cactuses, they’re eating my rose bushes, and

5.  Connor’s screaming and screeching and whining has to stop, and

6.  the bathroom door collapsed again, it’s a sliding door, when Connor tried to close it… bloody thing has been broken for 4 years, and

7.  the light switches are caving in by themselves, and

8.  the house is too dark, because it’s just built stupidly, and

9.  my car has been scratched by the dogs, and

10.  the freaking school only told us today that the school’s big walk starts at 8AM tomorrow.  8AM!! Are they freaking out of their minds?! Do they have ANY idea how much a working mom has to fit into a Saturday morning?!! They are so freaking disorganised it’s not funny!!