This is Day 16 in the 30 truths for 30 days meme


I try my damndest not to have it when I go out.  If anyone is offering, I disappear very quickly.

I can’t handle it, the mere smell of it makes me queasy.

The problem with it stems back to a time pre-Lance, when I was at varsity.  I had this car accident you see, and I was in a neck brace, and on anti-inflammatories and painkillers.  And the guys I was in the accident with decided to take me out to say sorry, because I was the only one hurt.   So we went to this club in Fourways Mall, and the band that was playing had a competition seeing who the loudest group in the place… and we got the prize (the 3 of us, thinking back now it was probably a sympathy thing because I was in a neck brace, but anyhoo).

The prize was a bottle of tequila.  Which we then finished.

I still can’t drink any of it!! That happened about 18 years ago!