Gina sent me a twitvite a few weeks ago for a Sale on Cybersass‘ gorgeous Sass Designs dresses.

So I duly put the invite in my diary… and went along this afternoon.  I got there a bit late and missed Sandy demoing how her original dress works… but watched her tie a short a-line dress into the most incredible variations!

I’ve been eyeing these dresses out for ages… and when Gina showed up in one for her maternity shoot a few weeks ago, I decided that I needed one too.  So this was an ideal opportunity!

They were all so stunning, but I eventually bought the Sass One Dress in the Original shape… in fuschia pink 🙂

I actually want to get more, I want a black/gray double layer short a-line dress too, and a floral short one too.   I nearly bought a poncho/skirt too.

I wasn’t the only one that was tempted, and it was so cool that everyone (Philly-girl, Gina, Nadia, Rubyletters, Leigh-Ann, Tanya, and their friends) looked so good in her dresses too