I’m not ready for this yet!  How did Christmas spring up so fast this year?

Bradley came home determined to write his Christmas list tonight, and was quite upset when I told him that he wasn’t going to put the letters in the fireplace tonight.  I’m only putting the tree up on the 1st, not earlier!!

I did let him write the letters though 🙂 it was the first time he’s written them without help from us.  Spelling could be better, but fabulous effort considering the words he was trying to write… like Construction and Ultimate etc

And then in the bath, they started singing Christmas carols!! Seriously?! I’m not ready.

This means I have to start thinking about gifts.  Oh lordy!!

One thing I did tell Lance this weekend though… no gifts for me… he HAS to fix the bathroom door instead!! I would much rather we sort out something with the house, than get gifts this year.