I took Bradley to work with me yesterday.

There was a motivational talk on, which I actually wish I could blog about more, but anyhoo.  It was aimed at kids 10 and up, and I thought that Bradley would like it.

Turns out he was a little young for the talk.  It was about how to toughen your mind, and in that way do better at school and sports.  I really hope the company organises something like that again when he’s in high school, when I think it’ll sink in a little more.

Apart from the hour talk, he spent the rest of the day watching movies on my Macbook that I took to work for him, and we walked across the road at lunchtime for McDonalds.

The point of this ramble… I can’t believe how much he enjoyed it.  I can’t actually believe that he found my office that exciting.

Kids amaze me sometimes… and also get me to look at my surroundings differently.

He loved the escalators because when you look up you can see the sky through the skylights.  He loved the access cards, and the doors that opened with little card panels. He loved the cappuccino deli.  He loved the chair that he was spinning around on all morning.  He loved that he got a sticker under his chair and he got a gift that was signed by a sports celebrity.  He loved that he got to hold the microphone and was brave enough to ask a question.  He loved that he got to play games on my phone in the traffic on the way home.

It was a good day.