He has been a little on the infuriating side lately, but oh my word, he’s been funny too!

When I got home from the baby shoot yesterday, Beauty (my domestic who was looking after them while I worked) told me about this conversation she had with him.

Connor: “Beauty, do you have any children?”

Beauty: “Yes, two boys”

Connor: “Can they come play?”

Beauty: “No, they’re big now”

Connor: “What are their names?”

Beauty: “My one boy is Lucky, and the other boy is Surprise”

Connor: “You can’t name your boy that!! It’s a shop name!! We went to Mr Price yesterday!”

LOL!! Beauty apparently had her whole family laughing about the conversation last night 🙂

And this morning, he had me laughing when I took him Christmas shopping at Clearwater Mall.  We’d walked into Big Blue, and I was wondering around ogling at the gorgeous clothes that I was dying to buy.  I didn’t notice the shelves of adult toys that I was standing close to.

He did.

First he noticed the bow ties.  They’re in a box labelled “Dress up Willy” or something like that.  He asks what they are.  Thankfully, I could just say “Bow Tie” and he didn’t ask any more questions.

Then he notices the red furry handcuffs that are right next to the bow ties.

Connor: “Mommy, are those handcuffs?”

Me: “Yes” (hoping that would be the end of it)

Connor: “Can you buy me some?”

Me: “No, they’re not for little boys, they’re for girls… they’re red”

Connor: “Oh…. can we buy them for Erin’s Christmas present then?”

LOL!! Erin is his 3 year old cousin!! Thankfully I’ve bought and wrapped her present and that was a good enough excuse not to buy more for her!

Thank GOD Bradley wasn’t with me because he can read!