Yip, I’m thinking it’s nearly that time.

I always said that I would broach the birds and bees subject with the kids when they asked the questions, and I would be truthful.  It’s best to hear the proper story than a convoluted mess that kids can spin (and I would then have to unravel).

But after being asked the question today, by a colleague who has kids the same ages… I’ve decided that I’m not prepared for this at all.

And I think I need to be.

So now the question is… how have you told your kids?  And have you told them? And when did you tell your kids (age)?  What prompted it?

I looked on Kalahari this afternoon, and there are plenty books that explain it to kids, and for parents, but which ones are good?  Anyone have any idea?

This evening on the way home I had to chuckle.  I had this blog post in my head the whole afternoon, and then Connor pipes up from the back seat “Mommy, where do babies come from?”!! LOL! Talk about timing?!  Thankfully at his age, 3, the answer that babies come out of mommies tummies suffices… but Bradley’s going to need more information… question is… how much and what is age appropriate?