I just LOVE that line… it’s from Yuppiechef… and it just spoke to me when I got my box of goodies today, taped up with tape covered in that saying,  that I ordered from them on Tuesday.

A while ago there was a Twitter auction run by @nosh4noah raising funds for Noah. Noah is 3 years old and lives in Cape Town and his mom needs funds to get him the therapy he needs… he’s on the autism spectrum.  So of course I helped… and won ;)!!  My prize was a R250 voucher for Yuppiechef which I’ve been very slack in using!!

Anyhoo, I decided that this week I would get my butt into gear and start buying Christmas gifts… but first I needed to use my voucher. I bought myself the new Jamie Oliver cookbook.  Yeah, I know, I have a few of them… but hey, this one is about quick meals and I so need some inspiration on that front!

So, I bought myself the book, and a gift for someone 😉 which is why I’m not showing you everything that was in the box.  And then I actually went back to the site on Wednesday and bought more… for someone else too!

My box arrived today, at the office.  Not bad timing hey?  I just LOVED the way it was packaged… down to a personal little card an’all.

It was a fab experience shopping from them.  In fact, while I was buying another gift from @Home this afternoon, there was a lady behind me in the queue who found the tiniest tagine dishes.  I commented about the size and she mentioned she was actually looking for the big one, and she hadn’t been able to find them anywhere… I told her to try Yuppiechef.  LOL!! I will be shopping there again, that’s for sure!

Really glad that I could help a little boy get some therapy at the same time as quenching my shopping need!