I love my new iPhone… just love it.  Now that it’s finally working that is… that’s a whole other story, but thanks to a certain Paul at MTN, it’s finally working after my week long battle!

You may think that weird, but seriously, for someone who has been struggling with a Blackberry’s issues with the scroll button thingy for months, and the somewhat Socially inept Samsung Wave for a few weeks, the iPhone is just too amazing for words!

Every time I do something on it for the first time I’m impressed… apart from the cost of the apps… but anyhoo it’s a small price to pay for this beautiful machine.

Today I tried the video… well actually the camera was set to video by mistake so I realised too late that I was videoing instead of taking photos.  But isn’t the quality cool?!

And aren’t my kids awesome 🙂

Next time though, the video will be a little longer 😉

As for my favourite bits of the phone so far… the camera quality, the touch keyboard (just miles better than the other phone), the sync to my Macbook, Hootsuite app, Instagram app, Facebook and Foursquare.  It allows me to be as social as I want to be, and it syncs with my mail perfectly!

PS.  My phone number has changed so if you don’t have it, my contact details have been updated on my photoblog