I had a few minutes to kill while I waited for photos to be printed, so I popped into Mr Price Home.  Now I’ve been eyeing out a huge corner leather couch effort from Coricraft for our lounge.

In fact, our couches are finished… and desperately need to be replaced… so I went wandering around the big furniture section for a change, and I came across this couch… (photo taken with phone hence the quality)

I love it! I love the retro feel to it, and it’s so well priced!

So now I’m thinking… 1 3-seater and 1 2-seater couches!  But I am concerned about the longevity of Mr Price furniture.  Hmm, what to do.  It’ll definitely be cheaper for me to go with Mr Price.

what I did do though, was follow through with my last blog post… and bought a new rug for the lounge.   What a difference that small change has made to the room already!