I took the kids to see a play today.  We met up with Madelein and her kids this afternoon at the Promusica theatre in Roodepoort to see Peter and the Wolf.

It was Connor’s first trip to the theatre, and I was a little concerned before hand about whether he was going to enjoy it and sit still and keep quiet.  I needn’t have worried though (apart from the lunatic behaviour in the foyer before it started)… he was a dream once we were sitting down.

(Photo taken with the Samsung Wave that I reviewed for Girl Guides – really fab considering the light in the theatre)

At the beginning of the show I must say that I was a leeetle concerned about it.  The narrator went on at length about the instruments that were being used in the story, and I was hoping that the whole story wasn’t going to be like that.  In fact, Bradley started asking me whether the whole show was going to be people pretending to play instruments.

But, my fears were ungrounded, as the story started.  Wow!! I was actually blown away by it.  The show basically had a narrator that told the story (brilliant btw), and the story unfolded as a dance.

Now I have 2 boys.  They both loved it.  They didn’t really notice the dancing, because they got so involved in the story.  In fact, I was quite amazed at how much they enjoyed the story because you had to have some kind of imagination to get the details in the story… because of the way they portrayed the story in dance… and they did… Connor even mentioned on the way home that he got scared with the wolf bit especially when it “ate” the duck!

I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing. Seriously LOVED it.  They were so good. It was so well choreographed… and the dancers were just incredible.

I see on the site that it’s only running until the 15th.  If you have a chance this week, go and see it.  It’s worth it!! PS, we got tickets at the door just before the performance.