Tweeters are just awesome… seriously… they are.

A few days ago I was getting frustrated because I wanted to send my grandmother a gift.  She lives in an old age home in Hermanus.  I went to my usual haunts… Woolies, Pick n Pay and NetFlorist.  Neither PicknPay nor Woolies deliver to Hermanus.  And Netflorist’s range… well… nothing caught my eye, because I wanted a simple gift.

So I tweeted about the fact that Woolies and PicknPay didn’t deliver there.

A few minutes later, there was a reply in my stream from Tertia.  She was going to be going to Hermanus the next day, and she wouldn’t mind delivering something to my gran.

How cool?! How totally awesome is that?!

So yesterday, Tertia dropped off some flowers, biscuits and chocolates at the home. She’s too awesome, isn’t she?!!

I phoned my gran last night to make sure she got them.  Tertia had said that my gran was in the shower and she’d given the gift to her neighbour.  My gran was so confused.  She said that because there was no card on it, they weren’t too sure who the gift was for.  Also, once her neighbour described the person who delivered, my gran became convinved that it was me.

She sounded quite disappointed when I told her that I was in Jo’burg still 🙁

I really need to make a plan to visit.

And how cool is Tertia?!