Well, you know that I’ve never actually been on a photography course right?  Apart from the 2 wedding workshops I went on last year… but that wasn’t about the photos really but about the weddings and the posing etc.

I get asked so often about photography courses, and which ones are worthwhile etc.  I only really reply based on what I’ve heard about places… my opinion doesn’t really come from experience.

Anyhoo, I met someone today who wants to get into photography, and she wants to shadow me.  I don’t mind showing someone the ropes, I really don’t, so I met with her to find out more and to give her some pointers after our phone call a few days ago (she’s a friend of a friend)

Now a few months ago I was chatting to another local photographer who got asked to help someone too… and she had this person help her on a shoot.  This person had been on a very expensive course and from what I understand, didn’t actually know how to use her camera afterwards.

I thought that was flook until today.


Surely a basic photography course should teach you more about your camera than just using the Manual settings?  Surely?! What’s the use in paying so much and not learning the basics about what the different knobs mean that are there?!

Surely a course should teach you to explore the T, and Program and Aperture functions etc… and how to get there, and what they mean?! It’s beyond me!!

I understand that there’s a time issue, and that any course is not going to teach you everything.  But surely a “basic” course should teach you how to use your camera… the whole thing… not just part of it?!

Now I’m not saying that I know everything because I’ve taught myself… far from it… but I’ve learnt at my own pace making plenty mistakes along the way.  And I know where to get help… and where to learn more… on my own.

And I’ve taken photos.  Lots of them.

In the end, that’s what I advised today… to start taking photos.  Every day.  Carry your camera everywhere.  Learn about your camera.  Learn about your eye.  Learn how to edit.  And put some photos on Flickr and on a blog to get crit and praise.  And look for information online… there’s so much around and it’s brilliant… written by people who are struggling just like you are.