Lance got a call from the school yesterday asking us to attend the assembly this morning because Bradley was going to get a merit award.  Now, for those who can’t remember last year’s similar story… the school has a system for the junior grades where every child has a turn to get a merit award in the year.  They’re given to the kids weekly in assembly, and Bradley’s happened to be the first one.

He got it for being kind and courteous and being a gentleman.

Awww, my boy :))

When I took him home (he wasn’t actually feeling very well today but I made him go to assembly before I took him straight home), he told me that he thought it was because he lets the girls go into the classroom first.  He also told me that he’s been teaching the other boys in his class about girls having to go in first… and he waits for his teacher too.

Sweet hey?!

On the subject of teachers, I’m hoping that she’s going to be ok.  She doesn’t seem very at ease with the kids, and she’s very quiet.  Now, I know she’s new to the school and all that… but I’m not getting a great level of comfort from her at the moment.