Connor goes to school tomorrow.

He’s not a happy camper.

We decided during last year that it would be best to move Connor to Bradley’s school for Grade 000.  We felt that the level of education at his current school wasn’t fabulous… I didn’t see much artwork coming home or displayed and that worried me.  I also wasn’t wild about the playground which had slowly but surely shrunk in size and become more and more sandy, and eventually partly tarred during the time he was there.

Kids need grass. I’m adamant about that.  SEriously, we live in Africa, what’s this rubbish about kids playing on tarred playgrounds?!

So, we decided it was best to move him to Grade 000 at Bradley’s school.

But… he doesn’t want to go tomorrow…at all.

And now I’m feeling bad about our decision.  We can’t change it, because we’ve already paid for the entire year for him.

But he’s only 3 years old… to wear a uniform at the age of 3 sounds a little cruel.  Big school is a massive step, and we only started Bradley at that school in Grade 00… there’s a big difference between age 3 and age 4.

So wish us luck for tomorrow :((