LOL!  Seriously, I’m that old that I have to start thinking about it!!

When Lance and I went out for dinner for our anniversary last week, part of the conversation was about what we should do for my 40th.

I’m more about the party than Lance was… always have been… and he’s quite happy with that.

So far, there are the following options on the cards:

  1. Have an island holiday with the kids – somewhere, not sure where yet
  2. Visit New Zealand with the kids… I have to get there one day to meet my sister-in-law and her family.  It’s crazy that we’ve been married for 14 years already, and I’ve never met Lance’s sister Michelle (who btw comments on my blogs every single day!.  It’s just such a long trip and so very expensive to get there.  Oh and my birthday is in the middle of New Zealand winter… and that’s far too miserable for my liking 🙂
  3. Take the kids to Disney World and while we’re in the US, visit my buddy Nats and my cousin Michelle.  In other words, do a tour of the US.
  4. Visit the Greek Isles with the kids… definitely the cheaper option of the lot!

We really want to travel with them… best we start saving.

But… one thing that is decided… is I’m going to get to my 40th in style! Marcia gave me SUCH a good idea when I met up with her the other day.  A colleague of hers is doing bucket list stuff every month leading up to her 40th, and I think I’m going to do the same.  So I get to celebrate it 12 times!

I love that idea!  Presents for me, from me, every month for 12 months.  That could include getting a tattoo, or a boudoir shoot, or doing that Orlando Towers Bungee Swing thing in Soweto etc etc.

What do you think?