While I’m waiting for my Mac to cut a DVD, I just have time to post a quick snippet from today

I worked from home again today, and the boys were having lunch in the kitchen. They both lifted up their chocolate milks, clinked their cups and shouted “to brotherhood”

PMSL!! No idea what movie they watched that included that phrase!

Ooh and I have to tell you this story too.  We’re trying very hard to stop Connor from swearing, and he’s ultra aware of bad words at the moment as a result.  So I was busy working in the dining room, and getting frustrated with myself with something I was trying to in Visio.  The kids were playing in the study upstairs.

Talking quite loudly to myself, I said “Oh you STUPID woman!!”.  I hear Connor voice come floating down…. “Mom, she’s a MANIAC, she’s not STUPID.  Stupid is a bad word!”

So there you go, I’m a maniac after all! 🙂

PS.  The photo was taken on a trip to the park this afternoon, more photos are on my photoblog