I went to collect a few photobooks at QPhoto in Design Quarter, and on my way to the shop I stopped at the Lindt chocolate studio to get a few chocolates for the QPhoto ladies cos they had really truly gone the extra mile for me this week.

And wow!! I’d been in the shop before, but quickly, and this time I looked around properly and I bought some hand rolled chocolate for the first time.  Yummos!!

But what they do have there, and what I really really want to do… is go on one of their chocolate courses.  They were busy setting up for a course that was being run last night, and it looked just like something I’d like to do!

I asked the sales person behind the counter how much the courses were… and apparently they range from R150 to… wait for it… R2500!! Woah!!

Anyhoo, the details are on their site (and I see there’s a Cape Town branch too)… now I think this would make an awesome gift!

Oooh they also sell cappuccinos and hot chocolate… yummos!!