Last year, the fact that my mom collected Connor was school was fine with him.Β  I don’t think he noticed who was collecting his friends.

This year it’s a different story, and it’s really pulling at my heartstrings.

My mom told me last week, that the one afternoon he watched his friend being collected by his mother, and he told my mom that he didn’t want her to fetch him… he wanted his mommy to come, like his friend’s mommy does.


My parents have gone away for a few days, so I went to pick them up this afternoon.Β  As soon as I got there, he literally climbed up me… and I mean literally… like a monkey.Β  He clung to me and buried his face in my neck and kissed me.

He then told me, repeatedly throughout the afternoon and evening, that he wants me to fetch him every day.

I must tell Granny that she mustn’t fetch him.

I can’t get him to understand that I need to work.