Well, I’m happy to report that Bradley is happier.

Since he’s realised that we’re all trying to help him, the tummy aches, headaches and vomiting has stopped and he gets dressed with a smile in the mornings! Coo hey?!

We had a chat to the head of Junior primary yesterday and she’s determined to find the boys in question, and they’ve had a few meetings with the Senior primary head to discuss what they’re going to do to find them.  The senior primary head wanted to do a line up… there’s NO way we’ll allow that so they have to find another way!! She’s also spoken to Bradley and he knows she’s on his side, and she’s told him he has to stand up for himself! YAY!  Hopefully he’ll listen to her.

Since he told us about it, the bullies haven’t bugged him though, so we’ll just have to wait and see and keep making sure that he’s ok.

Apart from that, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the response from Twitter and Facebook and my blogging friends.  I can’t tell you how much all the support means.

I’ve also received so many DM’s and private emails about it.  Mostly from people (mostly men) who were victims of bullies at school.  Broke my heart to hear how it’s affected them all.

I also got a FB message from a school buddy who asked me if I remembered certain bullying incidents at our high school… I actually don’t… I had my own little protection mechanism going on… I flew way under the radar at school to keep away from trouble (cos there was LOADs of it).