After getting so many hits on my blog with people googling “Kia Sportage” I reckon I’d better do my follow-up blog post on Part 1

I actually have the car!! After Northcliff fumbling with the order, and Fourways telling me that it would take approx 6 months to get it, and the Head Office not knowing what to tell me, I have got the car in less than 2 months.

About 2 weeks ago I got a phone call from Kia’s Head Office asking me what was going on.  LOL! I told her that she should be telling me… surely they should have got an update from the dealers before phoning me… anyhoo, I told her I’d heard nothing from either dealer, but I wasn’t really expecting to so it wasn’t really a problem.

Imagine my surprise the very next day when Andrew from Kia Fourways phoned me to tell me that they’ve got a car.  It was an order that was cancelled, and he phoned to find out if I wanted it.  It was the model I wanted but not the colour… it was black.

After thinking about it for about 15 minutes…. I phoned him back to say YES… I’ll take it… at least it wasn’t orange or that yucky yellow colour!!

So, 2 days later, I took possession of a gangsta looking Black Kia Sportage… and I love it!!

It’s an awesome car, and the kids love it too… and the black has grown on me 🙂

Kia Fourways is the shizz… just saying…