I took the kids to a friend’s house for a playdate this morning.  It’s really not a long trip, about 3km, but the kids were nattering non-stop.

Just as we turn off our road, Connor pipes up “How long ’til we get there?”

To which Bradley replies “We’ll get there when we get there”

LOL! He’s very right!

Then they were talking about cars or something, they have this game going where they choose a car brand every day and have to spot the brand as we’re driving… it’s makes for a VERY noisy car trip.  They were making such a noise that I had to ask them to keep quiet because I was trying to listen to Jen Su‘s entertainment report on Gareth Cliff’s show.

Then Bradley asks “Was Michael Jackson really the King of Rock?”, to which I replied “No, he was the King of Pop, but he wasn’t a real king, he was just the best singer at the time so everyone called him that”

His reponse…. “So is Justin Bieber the new King?”

My oath!! I didn’t even know he knew who that was!! My son is growing up fast!