I feel like I’m not using my blog like I’d intended.  It was partly supposed to be a way to keep track of the boys development, and I hardly ever blog about the simple things like I used to do before.  I only blog when it’s something big… and that’s just not right.  I need to also write about the little things, because it’s the little things that change without you noticing… and they’ll be forever lost if I don’t write them down.

So, every few months I’m going to write a blog post about their latest greatest favourite things, and I think it’ll be cool to watch them change.


Favourite food – Mash potatoes and chicken schnitzel
Favourite vegetable – Carrots
Favourite fruit – the only fruit he eats at the moment is watermelon
Favourite toys – Lego
Favourite TV program – Batman
Favourite computer game – Need for Speed offline, and Ben10 Alien Force online
Favourite XBox/Kinect game – Adventures
Favourite friend – Angelique
Favourite colour – Blue
Favourite sport – cricket and swimming


Favourite food – Spaghetti bolognese
Favourite vegetable – Broccoli
Favourite fruit – blueberries and raspberries
Favourite toys – Fire engines and police cars
Favourite TV program – Batman
Favourite computer game – Lining Mac Ween (Cars)
Favourite XBox/Kinect game – Kinectimals
Favourite friend – Jordan
Favourite colour – Green
Favourite sport – swimming