You know my skin is crap right?  I’m nearly 40 damnit and I’m still having skin issues.  Well, as you also know  by now… it’s partly hormonal.

Every now and then though my face just rebels completely and it gets horrendously bad… without me changing anything.  So I know then that it’s time to change cosmetics.

This time, it was a gradual change, and I can handle some acne (I just ignore it), but this time I got eczema again.  I haven’t got that in a few years, but this time I just suddenly developed it on my eyelids… and do you have any idea how uncomfortable that is?!

Now, I’ve been through most brands and the following now give me eczema within a few days:  Clarins, Clinique (completely red within a day), Este Lauder (this one just stings as soon as I put it on), RoC, Elizabeth Arden, Justine, Loreal, Woolworths Nature range, Innoxa.. and the latest one being BioNike.  So as you can imagine, the hunt for a new brand is not an easy one for me.

This time, I decided to try a natural product… a green product… so I went to Woolies in Cresta to hunt.  And ended up choosing Dr Hauschka.  In fact I only chose it because the lady that explained it to me was from their head office, and she knew more about her products than the other sales people that were there.

And I love it!! My skin has not felt like this in years!! Seriously! Who would have thought that this chicky was right and you don’t need a night cream with their products.  I must say I was rather sceptical, but it seriously works!

I’m just hoping it carries on working… because I have a clear skin for the first time in years!