So now we’re back at home, and I have another week off work.  I have declared this a fun stay-cation.  We are not going to be sitting at home twiddling our thumbs… and I haven’t booked many shoots so that I can spend time with the kids (other than the editing backlog of course)

Yesterday, Josh came to play for the day to allow his mom some quiet studying time… and I took the 3 boys to the Spur for lunch and the ten pin bowling.  Partly because the weather was so crap and I knew they’d be driving me nuts 🙂 but they had a ball! And if you look closely at the last image… you’ll see that Connor won the game, much to Bradley’s disgust! LOL!

And then to end the day, Madelein and her family and Sue and Josh had dinner at our house.

The kids were exhausted after all that 🙂 Mission accomplished