I went to Laura’s babyshower today and someone mentioned something in passing about using something with her child, and then said “imagine the BN moms knew” and we all laughed.  It struck me then how sensitive moms, that have been on online parenting forums for a long time, have become.

And yes, I’m one of them! 🙂

Online parenting and pregnancy forums were my first real foray into using the social web, and that’s what started my blogging.  I’ve been chatting on moms forums since I fell pregnant… or was trying to fall pregnant… pre-Bradley.  So we’re talking about 8/9 years.

And over the years, you learn what the triggers are.  There are certain topics that us “wiser” moms know are trigger points and will, without a doubt cause an e-war or at least a 10 page forum post.   Now they’re not amazing topics, but what’s interesting is how opinionated people are about them.  IRL (in real life) conversations around those topics are generally not as heated, but get behind a keyboard… after a glass of wine… when the kids are sleeping… and everyone’s real thoughts come out… and everyone is completely passionate about their point of view.

Now, when I hear someone talking about them, I just keep quiet, and wonder how long it’ll take for the explosion to come… it doesn’t take long… and it always erupts.  And I smile 🙂

The list of trigger topics that I can recall off the top of my head include…
– natural vs caesar birth
– breastfeeding vs bottle feeding
– when to start solid food
– Montessori schooling
– walking rings
– buckling kids up in car seats
– Oros
– viennas and polony

… and I just smile… smile and wave