As per usual my week has been hectic, but bizarre things have happened too… I know I know it’s not the end of the week yet, but my oath how much more can happen. Here’s a quick recap:
1. Delivered 17 DVD’s full of images to various clients (and before you photogs reading this think I’m mad… clients have ordered more than one copy 😉 )
2. My career (not photography) changed direction after a 5 minute conversation on Monday evening… and I’m still not sure what it entails… but hey in this place you have to be flexible or else you won’t cope at all.
3. I’ve all of a sudden got 4 weddings booked this month. 2 of which are back to back… and one of those is not in South Africa… can you say MAD?!
4. Bradley got his orange belt in karate… and on the way there to watch him some stupid stupid woman in a yellow beetle bashed into the loan car I’m using while my NEW Kia Sportage gets fixed (last week’s drama that I didn’t blog about). This woman clearly doesn’t know how to drive because you should see her car… it’s literally got multi-coloured strips on the bonnet from the various vehicles she’s clearly “thought were moving” in the past. As if I have the time to sort this out now!

The most bizarre has to be what happened this evening though. I was about to start the kids’ baths, when I hear Lance shout at me to phone ADT. He’d happened to see something fly through the air and land on the roof over the garage… it was in flames. Seriously, it was a little alarming!! Anyhoo, after scaring us all completely, and ADT rushing to help us in case it was some person trying to get us distracted so they could steal the cars or something else… it ended up being one of those paraffin lit paper lanterns.
You know those sky lanterns that are the “in” thing to fly up in the sky after a wedding or party.
How very odd! I thought those things were supposed to completely burn away as they started flying. As Laura said on Twitter, we should thank our lucky stars that it didn’t land on the roof of our lapa… we would never have noticed it and it would have probably started a massive fire!
It’s just very strange that it was just one… what happened to all the others?  And who let it go?

The whole thing is just weird.

I really hope the rest of my week becomes a bit more normal!