It was a big weekend actually.  You knew about Bradley’s party, and you knew that my parent’s dog was coming to stay but you don’t know:

1.  My granny died on Saturday morning.  My dad phoned me just after 9am to tell me the news.  Granny Marie was the granny I visited in Hermanus a few weeks ago.  The one who was fine until a few weeks ago.  The one who told me that she was tired.  Oh my word, I loved her a lot.  In a few days I’ll write a proper post about her like I wrote about my grandpa when he died, but I’m not ready yet.

2.  Bradley and Connor are playing XBox LEGO Star Wars every moment they can, and it’s already driving me dilly.  It’s only taken 4 days for me to completely lose it with them.

3.   The dog situation worked ok… until yesterday when Jackie tried to play with a old hoof in the garden.  She let it go, and Kimo grabbed it.  She then just attacked him, which he didn’t take kindly to… so he then just went for her… and eventually had her by the neck.  Thankfully he listened to Lance and no physical harm was done.  But we had to seperate her from the huskies for the night… and she went home today.  I just couldn’t take the risk of leaving her outside with the huskies.  She was just looking for trouble all the time with Kimo, and he warned her enough times.  Anyhow, it’s a pity because she’s stopped a lot of her anxious licking while she was here, and the raw wound on her leg was actually healing for the first time in months (I think it was because they kept her very busy).

4.  Lance and the boys took me out for supper last night to Mo-zam-bik… I LOVED the prawns in beer sauce… no-one else really enjoyed their food… but anyhoo.  They did give me a gorgeous bracelet though… which I thought was a nice touch for Mothers Day.

5.  Bradley made me a simple bead necklace (with green and white beads) at school for Mother’s Day.  I wore the necklace last night to supper.  He loved that I wore it.  Connor however, was very jealous of it, and wanted to grab it off my neck.

I’m getting a little tired of all the jealousy in the house actually.  If I sit in the lounge and the dogs are around, Kimo tries to get as close to me as he can… until Kitara jumps onto my lap.  If I get close to Lance, Connor appears and wants to be cuddled.  If I sit next to Lance on the couch, Connor wedges himself between us.  If I sit with Bradley, the same thing happens.  If I sit with Connor, the dogs jump all over us. And having Jackie in the house made it a thousand times worse!

Anyhoo, back to work, these images aren’t going to edit themselves!