Long time no speak, blog reading peeps 🙂  Missed me?

I’ve been around… very busy (check out my photoblog)… and I haven’t had much to say here.  But today was a mare of a day and it warranted a post.

It started like it starts most school mornings with the rush to get dressed and the kids fed and out the door… while I multitask and package photos that need to be delivered that day.

That part went as planned, and that was about all.

I had so much to deal with at work… apart from work, that by the end of the day, my heart skipped a beat whenever my mobile rang. This post only covers 2 of the “things”… there was more!

We are using a transport company to take the kids home from school for the next few weeks… and guess what… second day with the new arrangement and Bradley gets left at school!! OMG my heart sank when the school phoned me to tell me that he’d been left behind and he was in the office.

Turns out it was a mix-up with the karate that caused it… and strangely enough Bradley seems to have handled it perfectly.  He’s normally completely stressed when something happens that’s not in his routine… but he took it so calmly without tears.  On the other hand, I was in a state!! I can’t believe my child got left behind.

I remember the feeling of being stranded at school, and it’s not a feeling that I EVER wanted my kids to feel 🙁

Anyhoo, apart from that, we have a visitor at home that’s causing a little bit of chaos.  My parent’s jack russel has come to stay for a few nights because there was a drama at their house and there’s no-one to look after her until Saturday when my sister comes back to Joburg.

I was really really worried about how the huskies would react.  And in fact, the first few minutes were a little hairy because Kimo started growling and looked like he was going for her.  But after we seperated them for a bit, and then tried reintroducing her into the garden, it went a lot better.  They’re tolerating each other, and the huskies just want to play with her.

And that’s actually quite funny to see. Kimo and Kitara’s playtime is really really rough.  They grab each other by the neck or tail and literally drag each other around the garden.  They’re really not sure how to play with her.  Kitara keeps swiping Jackie with her paw, and batting her on her neck, and standing on her.  LOL!

For tonight, we’ve decided that it would be best to keep her inside, and the huskies outside… just in case.  She’s a night sleeper… and they play at night… all night long… so if she stayed in the garden she’d be wide eyed and exhausted by morning 🙂

I really hope they calm down tomorrow.

And tomorrow of course, is Bradley’s 8th birthday!! More chaos in the morning because we have to squeeze present opening time into the morning chaos 🙂 But it’s fun, and he’s going to LOVE his gifts!