So, how lucky am I?  I got nominated for 2 awards this week by 2 of my favourite local mommy bloggers, both of whom I met on a mommies online forum years ago, and I’m so very very pleased they’ve been bitten by the blogging bug… so thanks Fiona and Nicci 🙂

I’ve been nominated for the versatile one before, and I’m sorry I can’t actually remember who it was that nominated me… but anyhoo, I’ve decided that tonight will be the night to respond 🙂

So apparently how this all works is that when one is nominated, one has to:

1. Choose five (or more) other people who deserve this award and pass it on.
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
3. Let the people you gave the award to know.
4. Thank the person who gave you the award.

So here goes…

1. Most of the people nominated by other bloggers have been personal/mommy bloggers, so I’m going to mix it up and add a few blogs that I love reading (and in fact, if they know of me, they’re only aware of my photography blog and not this one), and I know they will never respond but it’s always fun to share blogs that you like reading:

  • Emmajanenation:  One of the reasons she’s nominated is her latest blog post has cool chains that I think Fiona would like (I’m always shopping)
  • Design to Inspire:  An Aussie blog with the most amazing interiors… I dream about redoing my house every day… much nicer than waiting for a monthly decor magazine
  • Color Me Katie:  If you haven’t heard about this blog I’d be amazed 😉 but I know that new bloggers will want to find gems like this one so I’m adding her to my list.  She inspires me to think out the box.
  • Enjoying the small things:  Love how Kelle portrays her life in photos
  • Intermittent Blogger: I met her on the same forum as Fiona and Nicci, and she’s a South African who’s emigrated to New Zealand and also discovered blogging fairly recently
  • Three Ring Circus:  Because Tiff is simply awesome and the most amazing mom with the most incredible challenges and I’m in awe of her strength and love.

2.  And now about me.  This is tough cos you guys know so much about me… hmmm… what don’t you know yet…

  • My photography has to become more focussed because I’ve realised that I’m not going to be able to do it full-time, so I’m going to be picky about what I decide to do.  A blog post will be coming up soon explaining the change to my packages related to baby shoots.
  • I would love to have time to spend time with small businesses and photographers helping them with Social Media.  I spent 20 minutes yesterday in the pet food shop explaining to Mel (the person working there in the evening who was telling me about her FB page about animal adoption and how it’s not working as she thought it would) about Facebook and how it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of Social Media, and eventually I had quite an audience.  Was fun… I like that… I do a lot of that at work, but only they  (and the agencies I work with) know how much I actually know.
  • I like connecting people.  I realised this at lunchtime today when I went to get some career coaching with a friend.  I love understanding what everyone does… and realising where they need help and connecting them to other people who can make their lives easier.
  • I’ve got my photography workload under control again 🙂 for now anyway.
  • I’m going to the zoo tomorrow, and my kids are going to trail behind me on a shoot for the first time… hopefully they behave… wish me luck
  • My aim half way through school was to become a metallurgist.  Yip… can you imagine me in a hardhat every day 😉 .  My aim when I went to varsity was to study accounting… thankfully that didn’t work out… ended up studying IT.  Strange how life works sometimes.
  • I haven’t read a book in almost 2 years. The thing is, I’m not sure I miss it because I have so many blogs to read, and working where I work has made me quite ADD when it comes to attention span.

3.  Not going to do because I know they won’t respond, this was just fun  🙂

4.  Done that in the first paragraph 😉