So if you’re a friend on Facebook and you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that Bradley is ill.

He’s been ill since Wednesday last week, and the doctor said on Friday that it was a viral infection causing his headaches and vomiting. Then he started getting better, and all was good.  But then, he got worse again on Sunday night.

On Monday he spent most of the day in bed after starting vomiting again from about 4am.  He’s NEVER spent that much time in bed.  Ever.  So Lance took him to the GP (I was in a 5 hour meeting at work), and this time the GP tested him for swine flu.  So, he’s on antibiotics, and hopefully we get the results soon.

He was remotely better today, and actually managed to keep a small bit of food in, but not much.  And again I wasn’t at home… I was in an all day offsite which I felt I really needed to be at because it would have been severely career limiting not to be there considering what’s happening at the moment.

And the mommy guilt you may ask… apart from the fact that I haven’t really been around, which is enough guilt anyway…

You remember a few months ago when he was being bullied at school, and he was vomiting some mornings trying to stay at home??? Well, my first thoughts on Monday morning were exactly that!! That he was faking it, and there was something at school he didn’t want to face. In fact, I thought that until about mid morning when I spoke to Beauty and he was still vomiting and hadn’t got out of bed!! Then Lance got home to take him to the doctor and he phoned to tell me how bad Bradley looked then… and then it was clear that this was serious.

So anyhoo, I feel like crap right now, so I think I’m going to stay at home tomorrow to look after my little boy… and stuff everything else!