Madi posted a list of what she likes about winter, and considering tonight is very chilly again, and if I don’t think happy thoughts I’m going to get sad…  I think this is a good enough meme to start up 😉  I like the positivity 😉

Hmm, let’s think now, what do I like about Winter?

  • The fireplace – it’s been a lifesaver in this house.  It’s the only thing (with the underfloor heating) that keeps the house warm.
  • Milo… if it’s really cold I have some in the afternoon at the office, it gives me the boost for the rest of the day… and then there’s nothing better to end the evening when it’s icy cold outside.
  • Boots… oh I love my boots
  • Coats… I always feel good wearing a coat
  • Sunsets… the colour of the sky is just too beautiful in Jozi at winter time
  • Frost (apart from when it kills my plants)… I think it’s pretty
  • Sunny patios… I must agree with Madi here, there’s nothing nicer than sitting on my patio basking in the sun
  • Electric blanket… there’s nothing nicer that getting into a warm bed!
  • Oh and my birthday of course!

What do you like about winter?