OMW I have a busy weekend coming up… starting today.

I’m going to be:

1.  Having a dinner party at our house for 11 people tonight… I’m going to be cooking 2 curries… Sandi’s awesome Butter Chicken recipe, a beef Bombay curry recipe from the most awesome curry cookbook from Woolies that now out of print, and then for dessert it’ll be Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Chocolate Brownies (Lance is shopping so I can just cook when I get home)

2.  Delivering 2 photoshoots

3. Taking the kids to Pretoria at sparrows fart tomorrow to watch Cars2 at a special screening, because I’m taking photos of the decor etc.

4.  I’m going to do my level best to get to the Tranquil Body Treats 1st year celebration tomorrow

5.  I’m taking photos at a kids birthday party tomorrow

6.  A maternity shoot on Sunday

And between all that I need to fnd time to take the dogs for a walk, they’re destroying my garden again

What are you up to?