OK, so we’re starting to get somewhere with this project.  If you recall, I’m going to do one thing from my bucket list every month until I turn 40.

This is how the planning of the bucket list is panning out so far…
1. July – Tattoo
2. August – ?
3. September – boudoir shoot

I have finally decided, well almost, on a design for my tattoo. It’s going to be similar to this image I found on Pinterest.  I want an infinity curve, with love on the one side, and the kids initials on the other.  And I was going to have it on my wrist but I don’t think it’ll fit there because I have really thin wrists, so I’m thinking at the top of my back, in the middle.

I’ve also decided on 2 options for tattoo artists and I’ll be contacting them tomorrow to decide which one I’m going use… and then hopefully I can get it done.

And then… I’ve contacted a boudoir photographer for the shoot in September, and hopefully she can fit me in.  I’m just waiting for some costing.

As for August, which is where I have a hole… maybe the learning to ride a horse?

Anyway, I have to tell you this.  I was telling the boys about my bucket list project  this evening, and explaining that I’m going to get a tattoo.  Bradley seemed a little dumbfounded at first, he couldn’t get his head around the fact that I wouldn’t be getting a temporary tattoo, but now he thinks it’s kinda cool… albeit too sore for him to contemplate.  LOL!

Then I spoke about the other things on my list.  Bradley was concerned about the Madagascar trip to see the lemurs because of the Somali pirates!! LOL! And then in the end, Connor looks at me, and just says “And can I just get an ice-cream?”

LOL, I love them to bits!