Even though today’s weather was sunny, it wasn’t warm enough for the beach so we took the kids to Crocodile Creek, which is about 12km from Ballito (and we were thankful that this time we drove a 4×2 and not a normal car)

We’ve been there before, but the kids don’t remember… in fact Bradley was tiny when we went the last time.  It was awesome going with the kids this time because they’re the right age for this type of outing.  We got there half way through the one tour so caught up with that group to walk around the place, and then joined the next tour group (which was a group of 60 kids on a school tour from Johannesburg) to hear about the anatomy of the crocs… and to hold the crocs.

The handler took out a 4 year old Nile crocodile for everyone to touch… much to the delight of Connor because the croc was the same age as him.

And now the kids are very excited to have photos of themselves holding the crocs to show their teachers and friends at school 🙂